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PLAY BALL by Deathcomes4u PLAY BALL by Deathcomes4u
This is, like the snowboarding linions, a re-vamp of old subject matter due to the influence of old club dance music i used to listen to that used a lot of typical indoor sports noises.
I actually decided in yr7, at age 13, that seeing as Harry Potter had it's own made up sport, i should make one for the A.T. Well, i ended up making one for the Linion race at least. I can't remember the game play and rules exaaactlyyyy, but there are three balls and three hoops for each side, and some players can pass the mid-way mark, and others can't. The goals are on raised platforms and there is one goalie defending them. The players that can run the entire field are called runners. I think there's three to a team. They have to get the other team's balls from the stayers, which are the three players of the team which can only stay on their own half of the court. They have to try and get their balls to their team runners to put in the other team's goals. They cannot block an attempt at a goal if the ball is higher than the midway pole. The goalie can stop any ball that flies their way, but they can't hold a ball for more than 5 seconds. They can't take a ball out of the goal. Once it's in the net, its a score, that ball and that goal are no longer in play. First team to fill their opponent's goal with the opponent's balls are the winners. The number of goals is subject to change, i might end up making it four a side, which makes 9 players a side. currently, it's 7, and very similar to quidditch, which i don't want, but i was uncreative to a point back then. I worked to tightly within my fandoms, didn't think outside the square enough, but i've got something to work with, and it's certainly fun to draw :D
I'm very pleased with this piece. Also, the teams have a coloured cape with their name, number and position colour strip on the back, but the teams are destinguished by the black or white bands on their wrists and ankles. It's random, it doesn't matter what two teams are playing, one is white and one is black, just makes it easier for the players to destinguish if there are similarly coloured jerseys or players ( it's hard to distinguish two brown coated individuals of the same sex if they have no distinguishing features such as a blaze or socks, especially in the heat of the game )
So yea. This game has no name yet, but it will once it's perfected :D
For now, the A.T, this game concept and Linions are all copyright me YOU NO STEALLY BAD DIE! :D
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CliffeArts Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
I wonder if the fans have big foam paws and hooves instead of fingers :D
Do they 'tail' gate? XD -Smacked-

>> Sorry. Great poses! You never cease to amaze me with your imagination!
Deathcomes4u Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2006  Professional General Artist
:rofl: lawl, well pulling of tails is illegal, the use of claws is only a penalty if blood is drawn :XD: as for the fans... i think they prefer big signs and air horns :XD: and mexican waves, though they don't know what Mexico is :XD:
CliffeArts Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Awesome XD
victor-victim Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2006
ooh cool!! I love how crowded this is, just like in a ball game too! They seem so determined and raaawr! Great poses ^^
OpenWolfScars Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2006   Digital Artist
go go go rains the phsycotic half tiger wolf thing =3 i love this
Deathcomes4u Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2006  Professional General Artist
lawl, linions are half lion half horse :XD:
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December 10, 2006
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